UVH 016 - VI, Angle valve
  • Order number: PF C32 032
  • Suitable for UHV applications
  • Hermetically sealed, welded stainless steel body
  • Bellows-sealed
  • Valve plate replaceable
  • For high purity and toxic gases
  • For gas analysis
  • Delivery time: On request
ActuatorHand wheel
Heat up and cool down speed4 K/min
Bakeout temperature: with adjustment knob80 °C
Bakeout temperature: without adjustment knob180 °C
Operating pressure max.4000 hPa (abs.)
Operating pressure min.1 · 10-8 hPa
Tightness1 · 10-10 Pa m³/s
Seal: Valve plateFKM
Pressure max.4000 hPa
Pressure min.1 · 10-8 hPa
FeedthroughBellows, stainless steel
HousingStainless steel
Weight0.35 kg
Conductance for molecular flow3 l/s
Nominal diameterDN 16 CF-R
Service life50000 cycles
TypeAngle valve